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Blue-rayed Metalmark - Lyropteryx apollonia

Lyropteryx apollonia (Riodinidae) is one of those butterflies that are equally striking whether they are seen from both the upperside (top photo) or the underside (bottom photo) of the wings.

In addition to its stunning look, these butterflies have a peculiar behavior. Males are occasionally seen visiting sewage seepages or urine-soaked ground. They drink using the “filter-feeding” method, whereby they imbibe almost continually, extracting salts from mineral-rich patches of ground, or from the edges of puddles. Periodically they squirt the demineralized water from their anus, curving their abdomen so as to aim the liquid at the ground beneath their feet. There it leaches more minerals from the ground, which are re-imbibed. This process is continuous and the butterflies often recycle the same fluid many times during a period of several minutes.

The Blue-rayed Metalmark is widely distributed throughout the tropical regions of South America including Colombia, western and southern Brazil, Peru, and Bolivia.

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Photo credit: [Top: ©Jeffrey Glassberg | Locality: Apuya, Napo, Ecuador (2013)] - [Bottom: ©Andrew Neild | Locality: Apuya track off the main road from Tena to Puyo, Ecuador (2013)]


Watched themundanematt's video on Zoe Quinn.

Gets taken down by Zoe Quinn.

Watched internetaristrocrat's video on Zoe Quinn.

"Are you not sick of this shit?
Have your games not been tampered with enough at this point?

We as consumers, as gamers, have a choice; we either back the people that make the games we like, or we let these assholes dictate to us who’s going to be popular in ten years.

Do you want an industry that’s filled with nothing but Anita Sarkeesians, and Dina’s, and Phil Fishes, and Zoe Quinns? Because I sure as hell don’t and I hope you don’t either.”

Could not have said it any better.



So I’m not really good at step-by-step tutorials because I always change shit halfway through (like here, where I decide my generic asura is now going to be Odd and oops his face and ears and body are all different

BUT I do have a lot of feelings about asura, so here are some of my personal opinions regarding drawing them:

  • Disregard what you know about human proportions because they’re not human. 
  • These little fuckers are like 1/3 big fat head and long skinny neck so there’s that
  • Their torsos are long, shoulders narrow, and hands and feet large
  • "Teardrop" shape repeats in asuran anatomy

Thanks, and hope that helps!

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